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New Zealand… Health Considerations

Vaccinations No vaccinations are required to enter New Zealand.   Safety Precautions There are absolutely no dangerous or poisonous animals … Read more

New Zealand… How to Stay Safe In The NZ Outdoors

New Zealand is an incredible place to explore, with untouched terrain that’s remote yet easily accessible.   What to pack … Read more

How To… Maintain An Emergency Kit

Once you’ve put together your emergency kit, you can pat yourself on your back knowing that you’ll be prepared for … Read more

First-Aid Checklist

If you’re headed outdoors, you should always carry either a prepackaged first-aid kit or a DIY kit that you can … Read more

How To… Treat Sickness in the Backcountry

Getting sick at home is bad enough, but catching a bug in the backcountry, miles away from your cozy bed, … Read more

How To… Treat Burns

Time outdoors warms the soul, but it also presents the possibility, however slim, of an accident that burns the skin. … Read more

How To… Treat Cuts, Scrapes and Gouges in the Backcountry

A life lived outdoors will inevitably include a few wounds (hopefully only minor ones). Injuries such as little cuts or … Read more

Wilderness First Aid Basics

One appeal of outdoor adventure is that you get to unplug and enjoy quiet time away from the city. Because … Read more

How To… Treat a Sprained Ankle

Your ankle joints allow your feet to move this way and that so you can run along rocky trails, cruise … Read more

How To… Choose and Use Sunscreen

Whether the sky above is a bright blue or steely grey, the sun’s rays are raining down billions of photon … Read more