Environmental Guidelines and Policies - Tuatara Tours

Environmental Guidelines and Policies

We take great pride in providing walkers and cyclists from all over the world with a unique insight into the magic of New Zealand.The following outlines how we are currently minimising our footprint and supporting conservation initiatives. Our clients play a significant role in helping us succeed with these goals.

Consider others: In any thing we do in the outdoors we consider that people will follow on our tracks, so we leave the natural environment how we found it or even better.

Spiritual and Historical: We ensure we know where the places of spiritual and historical significance are and treat them with the utmost respect.

Protect plants and animals: We treat New Zealand’s forests and birds with care and respect. They are unique and often rare.

Remove rubbish: We plan our tours with the view of minimising rubbish. If we take it in we take it out.

Bury toilet waste: In areas without toilet facilities, we bury toilet waste in a shallow hole well away from waterways, tracks, campsites and huts.

Keep streams and lakes clean: By putting nothing into the water enables use to use it as we wish.

Take care with fires: We have a total fire ban and discourage smoking on all of our tours.

Keep to tracks: By keeping to a track, we lessen the chance of damaging fragile plants.

Local Production: We buy local produce where possible. We support local independent shops and accommodation on our tours by eating-in local restaurants and cafes and by ordering packed picnic lunches from our accommodation provider.

Local Community Involvement: All of our guides live locally. We are also very proud to support local community projects and initiatives through providing prizes for local fundraising events. Where possible, we purchase local products, thus supporting local business’s and reducing freight.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle: If it can be recycled – it is. We minimise vehicle travel and fuel use by employing local people and using local suppliers and businesses as much as possible.

We minimize off-road vehicle travel. Our tours are designed in such a way that vehicle travel is conducted on made roads. We do not use four-wheel drive vehicles for passenger transport – they are not required and their energy costs are high.

Waste Reduction: Across the board our first option is “if possible do not to use it”. If there is a way to do something without creating waste, this is what we do.

Responsible Tourism:

  • Energy: We ensure that all new electrical equipment is purchased on the basis of its energy efficiency rating.
  • Environment: Part of our concession fees go towards environmental monitoring/biodiversity projects run by DOC (NZ Department of Conservation). We also contribute to the conservation efforts in saving the tuatara as well as a plant restoration project on Banks Peninsula (Akaroa Walk).
  • People: We understand the vital roles that each of our staff members play in the operation and strive to ensure that the work-place is a safe and rewarding one. All staff have reviews with their senior management. The sustainable practises of the company are an integral part of the staff training process.