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How To… Care For Water Bottles and Reservoirs

Over time, reusable plastic water bottles occasionally develop unpleasant odours and/or tastes. This typically occurs when bottles are stored incorrectly … Read more

How To… Ride A Bike In Winter

In the thick of winter many of us will have hung up the bike until the weather improves however winter … Read more

How To… Use Sunscreen

To get the most from your sunscreen, follow the label instructions. When to apply: 15 minutes before sun exposure begins. “That … Read more

How To… Patch a Down Jacket

Kittens, campfires and thorny bushes all have it in for your jacket, and just one little hole can let lots … Read more

How To… Deal with Bee and Wasp Stings

Bee and wasp stings: both have stings that can be seriously painful. Honey bees leave stingers in people, while other … Read more

How To… Bunny Hop on a Mountain Bike

A good bunny hop gets both your wheels off the ground to get your bike over roots, rocks and obstacles … Read more

How To… Descend Hills on Your Bike

What goes up must come down. And if you’re on a bicycle, that can be an experience that will make … Read more

How To… Patch a Bike Tube

In any list of the top 10 repairs every bike rider should learn, fixing a flat is probably Numero Uno. … Read more

How To… Manage Chafing

If you haven’t experienced chafing during a run or bike ride, consider yourself lucky. A little chafing may seem like … Read more

How To… Choose a Bike Helmet

Few people would choose to ride in a car with no seat belts. So why hop on a bike without … Read more