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How To… Choose and Use Sunscreen

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How To… Layer Clothing Correctly

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How To… Use Insect Repellents

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How To… Use a Compass

Finding your campsite, a spectacular viewpoint or your way back out of the back country won’t always be simple tasks. … Read more

How To… Address Hydration Basics

The adult human body is about 60 percent water, and even light exercise can deplete that percentage, leaving you feeling … Read more

How To… Choose a Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are designed principally to transport water and make drinking convenient and efficient. In fact, with most hydration packs, … Read more

How To… Read a Topo Map

Learning to read that paper topo map (short for topographic map) is essential. Your map will then be able to … Read more

How To… Care For Your Sleeping Bag

Many of us have a warm and cozy relationship with our sleeping bag that we hope will last for many … Read more

How To… Climb and Descend on a Mountain Bike

All the elements of good technique come into play when climbing and descending hills on your mountain bike. Here are … Read more

How To… Clean a Hydration Bladder

You might be thinking, “how does something we fill with clean water ever need cleaning?” But bacteria and mould are … Read more