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Akaroa walk

03 April 2024

The Akaroa Walk is an icon among New Zealand walking tours and was Tuataras first ever trip. It remains a fan favourite in the South Island. At approximately 40 km, it is a very achievable journey filled with some fantastic scenery, taking you all the way from Christchurch, the Gateway to the South Island, to the charming historic settlement of Akaroa on Banks Peninsula. Every step of this iconic walking track showcases New Zealand’s unique beauty and history. 

This walk offers spectacular panoramic views from the crest of the Port Hills and Crater Rim walkways, a stroll amongst ancient totara forest on the Otepatotu Reserve Track, and a close-up view of the twin volcanic craters of the Lyttelton and Akaroa harbours and the many smaller bays and coves that surround them.

This walk combines the unique blend of coastal and forested environments along with picturesque views of the surrounding harbours. The path winds through charming historic sites, connecting you to the cultural heritage of Akaroa and the surrounding areas. The settlement’s historic architecture and welcoming atmosphere provide a delightful contrast to the untamed beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes.

The Akaroa walk offers the perfect blend between adventure and tranquility. Whether you’re an avid hiker or someone looking for a leisurely escape, this walk provides an unforgettable experience.

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