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How To… Train Pre Tour

26 June 2019

It Is Not a Race!

          • The whole idea about our tours is to experience nature, take in the sights and scenery, and to enjoy yourself.
          • To make your experience more enjoyable it is advisable to undertake some form of training prior to the event.
          • By doing some form of regular exercise beforehand you are going to make your experience a lot more enjoyable.


Some tips before you start training:

          • During some of your walks/rides, be sure to wear the clothes that you intend to use. It is best to find out beforehand if they are going to be suitable, ie. non-chafing, comfortable to wear.
          • Use the shoes/boots and socks you are going to walk/ride in. You need to be wearing shoes/boots that are comfortable and provide good support for the ankles. Blisters can make any experience very unpleasant so it best to have your shoes broken in properly.
          • Wear your day-pack during some of your walks. You will enjoy your walk a lot more if your body is used to carrying a day-pack already.
          • Hydration and nutrition are very important; your body needs fluids before you are thirsty, so drink regularly. Food such as bananas and muesli bars are good light foods to carry that provide quick energy.
          • It is important to get some hill training in before the walk/ride. Simple things such as taking the stairs whenever possible will help. Get off the streets and head into the bush tracks, you will need to experience different walking terrains and don’t stay indoors just because the weather may not be ideal for walking. Remember we cannot always guarantee beautiful weather.
          • Not all your training needs to be boring, feel free to jump on a bike, use the gym, swim, run or do zumba!
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